Facebook Pages now allow Photo Tagging: What This Means

Facebook tag products

Facebook very quietly just released a new feature that will have a major impact on businesses and marketing directors.  Facebook implemented the ability to tag images with pages, which opens up new ways for businesses to engage their community.

Page owners now have the option to tag products, which again is a major addition.  If Facebook doesn’t limit the use of this ability, then regular Facebook users can expect to see everything in photos being tagged down to the shoes that celebrities are wearing.  This also opens up the opportunity for customers to spread the word about the brands they purchase and use.

This will also open up additional rules for contests.  Virtually every online contest today requires entrants to like, follow, tweet, and recommend the company holding the contest.  Contest entrants will now likely be forced to tag themselves using a product in order to qualify.

For regular users this may not be a huge addition, but for companies this may prove to be one of the biggest new Facebook features of the year.

Via Ryan Spoon

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