How Do You Get HBO GO on PS3

When it comes to the Playstation 3, the primary complaint that people seem to have is the noticeable lack of applications to download. One of these unavailable applications is HBO Go. It is important to understand what lies in store for this app and alternative solutions to consider right now.

Sometimes you can find mods and easy ways to download and install software to consoles that don’t offer it through conventional means. HBO Go is not one of these applications, and attempting to install it as just extra software could actually damage the operating system of the console itself. So it is best to not try to manually install foreign software like the data package of HBO Go on your own.

You should consider a couple of alternatives that you have at your disposal. The first of which is the HBO content that is now available through the Playstation store. While this might not be exactly what you wanted, it could serve to scratch an itch. Another possibility is choosing a device that currently offers the application. A good example of this would be any model of Roku.

Sony has released several statements to encourage users to stick with them as they are sorting out necessary agreements with all kinds of developers and companies offering applications already on other devices and consoles. While there might not be a way to get HBO Go working on your Playstation today, it seems reasonable to assume that this product will eventually come available.

There are modifications available to allow the installation of foreign software, which is what this and countless other applications would be. These modifications require warranty voiding tweaking to the hardware of the system itself, ad so you should proceed with caution and determine if HBO Go is actually worth the time and risk put into such an endeavor. ¬†Otherwise you can always use an XBOX 360 instead because it is compatible with HBO Go’s service.

How To Set Up HBO Go On Your Xbox 360

Setting up HBOGO on your XBOX 360 is really simple and free of charge if you already have an HBO subscription. Firstly, you want to find the HBOGO application on your XBOX 360 online account. This also will be free on account that online capability is free with your system. Once you have located the HBOGO application download and then play the application. This will usually take only a few minutes in total to locate, download, and play the application on your XBOX 360

The HBOGO application will ask you to choose your cable provider from a rather extensive list of cable providers with which HBOGO is compatible. Once you have selected your cable provider HBOGO will ask you to create a profile account complete with a profile name, username, and password of your choice. Please note that your profile name and your login username are not necessarily the same. Your profile name is just that: a name for your profile and it can be anything you chose. The username is the one you use to sign into HBOGO and it is usually the email address that you have set up through your cable provider. Your username will probably look like XXX@(yourcableprovider).com. Use your username and password you created to sign into HBOGO.

HBOGO will ask you to verify your account from a separate internet capable device via a pass code they provide to you through your XBOX 360. HBOGO will provide you a pass code of about six or seven letters and numbers that you will see on your television screen. Login to your HBOGO profile on a separate internet capable device such as a computer, Smartphone, or tablet and enter in the pass code that you see on your television screen. After only a few seconds, no more than one minute, you should see a cheerful message on your television screen that states that your info was received by HBOGO and that you are now able to enjoy all the HBO movies, series, and specials streamed onto your XBOX 360 free of any charge.