[HOW TO] Connect a Digital Camera to a PlayStation 3 (PS3)

playstation 3

Aside from playing HD/3D games and watching blu-ray movies on your Play Station 3, it can also be used as a media server.  Since the newest PS3 (slim) has more HDD space than its previous model, it allows you to store more of your favorite media files on your PS3. Transferring your media files such as music, videos, and photos can be done by connecting your hard disk or other external devices via USB on your Play Station 3.  Accessing the contents of your digital camera and its memory card on your Play Station 3 can also be done the same way, just follow the specific steps below:

First, turn on the television and PS3, and wait for the home screen to load. Navigate to the “Photos” tab (camera icon) and press X. It will then ask you if you want to install the photo application.  Select “Yes” and wait for the installation to complete. Select the newly installed application. Get the USB cable and connect it to the USB port on your camera, and then connect the other end to one of the USB ports on your PS3 (found on the front).  Once connected, the name of the camera will appear on the screen. Click on the newly installed device and you will see the thumbnails of the images on the screen.  After copying the photos to your PS3, you can organize them in the folder and have them viewed in a selection of slideshows.


Modern digital cameras are mostly supported by the Play Station 3, which is indeed a helpful way to view your photos on the big screen. Older models of the PS3 (PS3 Fat) have a memory card reader slot, meaning you can insert your Micro SD’s or Memory Stick Duo directly into your PS3. Remember that you must have an internet connection and have upgraded your PS3’s firmware to its latest version for everything to run smoothly.