How to Delete a Sent Text

If you have ever sent a text message that you wish you could take back, you aren’t alone. While there is no way to stop a text from making it to its destination, there is a way to make sure your text doesn’t continue to live on your carrier’s network and come back to haunt you.

Through services such as Tiger Text, you gain the power to erase sent text messages whenever you want to. Unlike traditional text messages, these messages are not held on servers until the end of time. When you delete the text, it is wiped away without any records to show. It is even removed from the recipient’s phone when you decide you want it gone.

There are apps for this type of service made specifically for the iPhone, Android devices, as well as Blackberry phones.

In order to begin deleting sent text messages you have to sign up for the service and begin sending your texts through it instead of your carrier. This means you will be opening up the application to send your text messages instead of sending them through your phone itself.
It’s also important to note that you can only send these messages to other people with the same service as you. If you are using Tiger Text to delete sent text messages, the recipient also needs to be using Tiger Text to receive the texts in the first place.

You will pay a separate plan through the company to be able to send the messages, and gain a great deal of control over those text messages with your new plan.

While using this service it is important to set an expiration period for your text messages. When you set messages to expire in two hours, after that point they will be removed from your phone, the phone on the other end of the message, and the server in between the two.

By using a simple application to transmit your text messages you can increase the level of privacy in your life.