How To Delete Your Hulu History

Hulu’s online ad-supported video streaming service website offers users a wide array of movies, TV shows, documentaries and other news and entertainment programming for on-demand viewing at any time.

Whether you have a Hulu free account or a Hulu Plus paid subscription, Hulu offers you several features to help you manage and organize videos. Hulu provides you with a queue area to review or delete unwatched videos you saved for future viewing. Hulu also provides you with an archive of videos you previously watched. In this archive, you can review your viewing history and modify it by deleting some or all of the videos.

Your Hulu viewing history and the deletion tools are set up in the Content section of your account settings.

If you share your account with someone else and do not want that person to see the types of videos you have viewed, or simply want to shrink down the archive to your most recent activities, use the following method to remove the history of your Hulu video viewing.

Go to Hulu and log in to your account. Roll your cursor over your Hulu profile name at the top right corner of the Hulu home page to reveal a drop-down menu. Select the “Account” option, and then enter your Hulu password when prompted to access your account settings.

Select “Content” on the navigation bar located below your profile name on the screen, and then select “Watch History” to see the archive of your viewing history.

Use one of two methods to delete the history. To delete only some of the videos, click the “Delete” icon that looks like a trash can at the end of the description bar for each video you want to remove. To delete the entire history, click the “Remove All Videos” button.

The videos should immediately disappear from the History screen when you use these options.