How To Delete Your Netflix History

If you are one of the millions of people who enjoy streaming movies online and through your televisions at home, then you are likely a member of the most well-known video streaming service available, which is Netflix.  Netflix offers a wide variety of viewing options to satisfy almost any person’s video needs, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you want your viewing history or suggested titles to be seen by all.

Unfortunately, Netflix has really dropped the ball up to this point by not having a set way to delete the viewing history from an account.  That doesn’t mean it is impossible to get your viewing history deleted, however.  It just simply isn’t a preferred way of doing things.

To delete the Netflix history from your account, you will need to login to Netflix and click on the “Your Account” button in the top right corner.  The next step is to click on the “Cancel Streaming Plan” link.  This will prompt a confirmation page where you will need to confirm you want to cancel your account.  Please note that by following the process in this tutorial you will not be able to save your viewing preferences once the account has been deleted.  You will be losing all of your ratings as well.

The next step is to sign up for a new account.  To make it easier you can use a different email address when signing up, but you can also contact support to have them delete all of your information on your account when you sign up again.  For some reason, they can do this step when you are signing up using an existing email in their database, but not for an account you want to keep without canceling first.  Yes, that does sound as perplexing as it is. Your Netflix viewing history should now be deleted so enjoy watching your shows.