How to Fix a Laptop Mouse

Those who are frustrated in finding that their laptop mouse isn’t working correctly need to step back and first determine what the problem is by following the steps below. The issue could be with one of the buttons or with the actual track pad itself. Take a good look at the mouse and see if there could be any dirt or grime covering it. If the pad is dirty at all, it could cause the mouse to be less sensitive or to stop working completely.  You should also clean under the buttons to dislodge any dirt that could be underneath as well.

Many may not realize that you can accidentally turn the mouse off on your laptop. Check your control panel to make sure that the mouse is enabled.  If it isn’t, then obviously turn it back on. That could fix the problem easily, but if it still isn’t working then there are other steps that can be taken to solve the issue.

There could be an error caused by the software on your laptop. Try downloading the drivers for your mouse from online or via a software program that may have come with your mouse to see if that might help. These can often easily be found online by searching for the brand of your mouse and the model if you know it. The websites for each brand will offer more information about what steps you’ll need to follow to ensure the drivers are correct and up to date on your laptop.

The above options are the main ways that you can get your laptop mouse working again. In the case that all of the options above don’t work, then it may be time to consider replacing the mouse. Try all of these at least once though before resorting to that.