[How To] Mute Your LG Cell Phone

There are a ton of situations in life that will require you to mute your cell phone so that the person you are calling won’t hear your background noise.  Those situations could include being in a business meeting or just being in a noisy area when all you need to do is hear what the other person is saying without them hearing where you are.


A lot of companies in the business world today are using LG cell phones, so this tutorial will quickly teach you how you can mute your LG cell phone with ease.  There are actually two different methods for muting your LG cell phone, so depending on your specific model choose the method that will work with your specific phone.


Method 1

Step 1: Make a call with your LG cell phone.


You’ll need to make a call in order to fulfill this method.  Once the call is made you will then be able to locate the “Mute” option somewhere on the screen of your LG phone.  Usually it will be located in the bottom right or left corners of your screen depending on your model.


Step 2: Press the Mute Button


Once you have located the “Mute” button simply press the key to initiate the command.  Your LG cell phone will now be muted.  In order to un-mute your phone, simply press the “Mute” button again.  Your phone will be un-muted.


Method 2

Step 1: Make a call with your LG cell phone.


You will first need to make a call in order to mute your cell phone.  Once the call is made press the “Options” button located on your phone.


Step 2:  Choose the “Mute” function


Look through the list of options that come up and press the “OK” button when you find the “Mute” option.  When you want to un-mute your LG cell phone simply go through the same steps and choose “Unmute.”