[How To] Speed Up An Internet Connection

The speed of your internet connection depends on how your connection has been setup. Dial-up connections do not go as fast as broadband or DSL subscriptions. To ensure a fast and reliable internet connection, you must subscribe to a network provider that offers faster plans. After signing up, you can still do a few tweaks to speed up your internet connection a bit.


Upgrade your modem. Usually, you can get one from your service provider for free, depending on your subscription. Your modem is the ultimate determinant of your connection speed.  So make sure that it is functioning well. As stated above, a DSL/Broadband modem provides a faster connection than dial-ups.


Upgrade your PC. No matter how fast your internet connection is, it will be useless if your PC is unable to support it. Perform a RAM space checkup. If your computer is old, purchase a new one or upgrade certain parts of your PC.


Boost your PC’s performance. Uninstall unnecessary programs and delete unneeded files. Doing so will create additional disk space for more relevant programs and files. Plus, this will help your computer run faster since it doesn’t need to run through masses of files.  Instead, install a registry cleaner software.  Viruses and registry errors are known to slow down connections. Once these errors are fixed, your PC will definitely run smoother.


Run virus scan. Viruses can extremely slow down your internet connection as they corrupt the files on your computer affecting the overall performance of your PC.  PCs are typically installed with an anti-virus program upon purchase, but you can get free anti-virus software on the net as well.


Secure your connection. Placement of the modem and PC also influences your internet speed. If you’re using a router, walls and other obstructions can reduce connectivity strength.  Moving the router closer to the computer and clearing electrical interferences (wires, cables, printers) reduces the barriers that might interfere with the signal transmission.