Mini Space Invaders Arcade Game Reminds Users of Classic 80’s Gameplay

space invadersFor fans of classic 80’s arcade games this new gadget will be sure to please the nerdy side in some.  While an arcade game may cost thousands of dollars and take up as much space as a refrigerator, this mini version of the classic “Space Invaders” video game will do neither.

The mini Space Invaders arcade style cabinet pays close attention to detail recreating the classic game’s experience just on much smaller level.  This mini arcade was created by a YouTube user ‘vcoleiro1’ who posted a video of his creation on the web.

The cabinet stands at 7-inches in height and was made with 6mm MDF.  The Space Invaders graphics were painted on decal paper and then glued into place.  The mini joystick and buttons were ordered from eBay and Digikey, and then custom wired onto the GBA SP mainboard.

Check it out in action below.

(Source vcoleiro1/Youtube Via OhGizmo)