Report: Apple revealing new iPhone in September, phone’s details

Apple logoIt appears that Apple will soon be pulling back the curtain on its latest iPhone.

A Bloomberg report revealed Apple has plans to unveil its latest iPhone in September.  The report came from anonymous sources as expected because Apple typically keeps all of their products secret from the public.

The sources revealed details about Apple’s newest iPhone as well as information on the new iPad.  The new iPhone is expected to have the A5 processor chip, which will increase its processing power.  This is the same chip that Apple currently uses in the iPad 2.

The new iPhone will also be receiving a camera upgrade.  The iPhone 4 currently has a 5-megapixel camera, but the new version will apparently come with 8-megapixels.

The new version of the iPad is also reportedly undergoing testing to get a higher resolution screen close to what the iPhone 4 offers.  News recently broke that Facebook would be releasing an app designed specifically to work with the iPad.  This move is expected to boost sales of the iPad, which Apple recently announced had reached a new milestone with 25 million sold worldwide.

The new iPhone will be running with the iOS 5 operating system, which Apple announced would be receiving more functionality with Twitter.