Right Angle LCD, the latest Tokyoflash concept watch

right angle watch

The Tokyoflash Design studio recently unveiled a bizarre concept in digital watch manufacturing. At first glance, ┬ásomeone might be mystified by its unusual indecipherable appearance. The main display shows unusual lines and blocks that uniquely shows time only when you get the “right angle”.

The new design is not really far from the traditional digital watch representation. It shows hour-minute-second-millisecond data in a practical, similar layout. The numbers are cleverly stretched into a distorted image. Hence, only its owner will know how to read its special secret code.

Besides the regular function as a uniquely looking watch, the Right Angle LCD offers one more spy/agent feature, which is file storage. To keep up with today’s technology demands, this watch allows you to securely keep important secret documents on your wrist instead of using regular flashdrives. It has built-in memory that may be accessed via any computer through a cable that is provided for mini/micro USB port connections.

The high-tech appearance of this wrist watch is made using IP Black and green LED backlights that illuminate at the touch of a button. Different LED backlight colors or acetate are also being considered by the manufacturer for the possibility of having different styles in the future.

The Tokyoflash Kisai Kaidoku acquired the idea for this watch from a fan who submitted the design. Their website is now accommodating product suggestions or opinions. A month-long vote period has just began in order to determine the reasonableness of this specific design’s production.

[SOURCE] Tokyoflash Japan Product Design Studio