Traffic Report – January 2012

Starting in 2012 I’ve decided that I’m going to start posting monthly traffic reports to show the progress that Techplz is making.  I’m not sure how long I’ll do these kinds of posts, but I always found these reports to be fun to read on other blogs and they always gave me a little bit of motivation as well.  Hopefully these reports will give you a little motivation if you’re just starting out with your blog regardless of your niche.


To catch up you up on this site, Techplz has been “postless” for about 5 months leading up to January.  It just kind of happened where one week of missed postings turned into two, then three, then 10….and so on.  I think that is the case with a lot of blogs on the web.  Anyways I decided to start back up fresh in 2012 with new posts on this site.  So it should be interesting to see how things turn out with such a long gap where no new content was added.

techplz traffic report january 2012

As you can see the traffic stats show 1,081 Unique Visitors came to Techplz in January 2012.

In December 2011, there were only 726 Unique Visitors.

That means there was a +48.89% growth in traffic from December to January.


Overall I’m very happy with the traffic growth.  Double-digit growth is excellent in any given month for a blog.  There were a number of significant changes I made to this site as well.



I hadn’t updated this blog to the newest version of WordPress for about 5 months so I found that someone had hacked into the tags section of my blog.  Under my Google Webmaster Tools account for this site, I found that a ton of medical and other obvious spam words were showing up on all of my tag pages.  I’m sure this is one reason why my traffic was low in December because the search engines were confused to see these types of keywords showing up on a mostly tech-related website.  It was probably a big red flag to Google and other search engines.


All Tags Have Been Deleted

After reviewing a lot of the tags I had, I decided to delete all of the tags on this website.  The reasons for this drastic move I’ll now explain.


Reason #1

The first reason was to remove all of the spam keywords.  The keywords were inputted by the hacker as meta data, and I had no desire to try to go through about 1,500 tags to change everything.  This leads to reason number two.

Reason #2

With the panda update that hit the web in 2011, one of the most important things for site owners to do was delete content that was thin.  It’s also important to not have the same content showing up multiple times on your website.  I found that my tag pages really served no useful purpose on this website.  They didn’t help me in any way, and they certainly weren’t serving any useful purpose for my visitors.  In fact, the only reason I had them in the first place was in order to draw in additional web traffic.

My tag pages showed little clips of my main content, but they had very high bounce rates and often times didn’t really match exactly what a site visitor was probably looking for.  My site thus had a lot of keywords showing to Google that really didn’t fit in with my main site’s content.  For example if a news post was written that included people’s names, then I would tag all of their names.  Again, this really didn’t serve any useful purpose for anyone.

As a result of deleting all of the tags, I noticed that my traffic took a little dip at first, but then recovered in no time.  This could also be a result of those spam keywords being removed, but from the sheer amount of tags I had compared to posts the difference in traffic was negligible compared to what I thought could have happened when I deleted so much content from the site.


Categories Narrowed Down

I noticed that I had a lot of categories on Techplz that weren’t even being displayed.   These hidden categories obviously weren’t serving any purpose, so I narrowed down all of my categories down to the ones currently displayed.  I also changed all of the posts in the archive so that each post belonged to only one category.  As mentioned before, this was done in order to remove the amount of duplicate content.  I want visitors to find unique articles in every category instead of seeing the same posts whenever they switch categories.

I think this is a smart move when it comes to search engines visiting the site, and it also improves the user experience greatly.


Wrapping Up

As you can see from the graph above, there was a nice traffic bump in the last couple days of January.  We’ll see if that trend continues or not in February.